Top 10 Popular Facebook Games

Farmville is probably the most famous sport with over 70,000,000 of players that are active, on Facebook each month.
More than 16 16 millions of users perform with Restaurant city each month. Consumers use their friends may build their won cafe up and compete with other gamers to create their eatery best.
Biotronic is a problem game which features vibrant bio-technology. It is simple and cartoons are lovely.
At games, customers can play any one of sports games , puzzle, and the many arcade.
More than 10 numerous users that were active play bejeweled Blitz
Know-It-All Trivia
Zynga Poker is the number 1 poker game world-wide. Consumers notice who’s got the best poker face as well as can play with buddies.
At Zynga YoVille, the most amazing digital world is created by consumers and investigate making use of their friends.
Phrase challenge is the addicting new word sport which features cartoons that are graphic.
Mafia Wars is played by over 26 26,000,000 of gamers that were active, getting to be one of the more used games currently accessible on the Face Book.
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